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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

7th Armoured division tank regiment and armoured cars 1944.

11th hussars

7th Armoured division RHA , and RE bulldozer 1944.

7th Armoured Royal Horse Artilley regiment and and the rather delightful engineers' bulldozer

HAT OP shermans and Britannia sextons
The rather delightful Raventhorpe armoured bulldozer

the very last of the Soviets!!! On to Berlin!!!!

A bit of a milestone the completion of the soviet 20mm project and the completion of   a project that has involved four   major forces  for the same person .All these are mostly  Britannia and I again  dedidcate these to the memory of Dave Howitt, who I came to know well over the 31/3 years I have have been  doing these projects.
Anyway here is  the  Infantry Brigade  Anti tank battalion. Two  57mm Anti-tank guns and tows and 5 Anti tank rifle teams.

7th Armoured division motor batt'n 1944.

Some old stuff., not all the pics  that I took as some went down the plughole in the big Imageshack hack...but not blogged before ..so now for your benefit

HQ aboard their Britannia Scout car
Rifle company
Rifle company transport
AT platoon

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Britannia Armed Trawler. 20mm

Found this pic , the only one that survived that weird meltdown at imageshack some time ago..