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Thursday, 28 January 2010


The completed pieces..
The Rapid-Fire Artillery batallion, 3 M7s and a Sherman OP ..all Raventhorpe..crews are  Wargames Modelling and AB, cammo; gauze and Twinings Irish Breakfast .(used)

and the tank destroyer company

Raventhorpe US WWII WIP

first up a bit of the WIP..

The vehicles had been sprayed with Plasti Kote grey primer, allowed a day to dry..then base coated Tamiya Flat Brown/Flat black..pic pick up with the first coat of Tamiya XF 62  Olive drab and then  the next coat , a rather heavy wash through the airbrush of Vallejo Sepia wash and finally  the blocking in with Vallejo  Violet Brown.. 

Monday, 25 January 2010

WWI Highlanders

Musketeer Miniatures..I think tthese blokes  are going to do some serious pulp stuff


Rapid Fire 2 US tank battalion NW Europe

and some other attached bits..all Britannia other than the jumbo assault tank, which is Raventhorpe

this is an example of a tank when it is  merely  blocked in , , a nice place to start
Headquarters, a 75mm gun tank and  a 105mm howitzer support

The Jumbo  , this heavyily armoured version was designed to be an assault or a lead  tank ..in R-F 2 terms there  is one per unit , and if used  it replaces on of the 75mm gun tanks..

A tank company two 75mm and one  76mm gun tanks

the second medium company

the light company

general transport and supply and the HQ company jeep

while not part of the tank batallion this  piece looks good..it belongs to the armoured infantry batallion as the gun platoon

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Britannia Field Division (L)

well nobody in a smocks but..these were for a chum and despite myself  I do like them a lot..


Tank Destroyers M36 Jacksons from Britannia

more Valiant

Vehicles Hasegawa

A US Rapid fire Battalion and  some support, Hasegawa vehicles and I think a wartime miniatures 57mm,
all the men are Valiant , as they come and  also converted!