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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Some Panzer IVs

Frontline 20mm I think, foliage tea leaves..


  1. Very nice work and tea leaves? Excellent again.

  2. Those are really nice.... Lovely stuff.

  3. They look great!!!! I´ll have to give this tealeaf idea a go...

  4. They look as if they come from the Day of the Triffids film?

    Very nice painting.

  5. used oven dried twining Irish brakfast...white glue...

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  7. Excellent work and a well deserved +1 follower!

  8. I actually received this as PM on a forum..makes you think..

    " wouldn't want to say this publicly and embarrass you, but this is a major over-representation of cam.

    You've covered the gunner's sight – it is a small hole on the left front turret beside the mantlet. Also, there would not be camo draped over the side skirts – twigs stuffed into the rails, perhaps. You've got stuff over the engine grills, plus the stuff over the turret continuing down to the hull would get completely tangled when the turret turns. You are also blocking some of the commander's cupola vision blocks. Hull MG is covered. The camo on the barrel is too close to the recoil cylinder and would foul it or most likely get shredded off and block vision devives and driver's block at the most inconvenient places. It comes too close to the muffler and would catch on fire.

    The purpose of using nets or vegetation is to break up the sharp lines of the vehicle. It's not to make it into a moving bush that would be easily spotted moving.
    Hope this helps, and sorry if it's bad news".
    I sort of wondered a bit about the implications of all this, I don't like people to write "cam" when they mean camouflage..then replied//"perhaps they are laagered?"

  9. I also informed him i understood the purpose of camouflage..