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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Early War FJ 20mm

An almost complete regiment in Rapid-Fire terms.The only thing missing is the  gun company , equipped with the Skoda mountain guns. This was painted a log time ago , mostly in the late 1990s but they have held up rather well. These have come into my possession for  disposal so I have taken time to record them. A mix of 20mm range SHQ, FAA, Wargames Foundry Dixon , Drew's Militia and some Britannia.
These figures  are most useful for games set  during  the Invasion of the Low Countries,    hypothetical Sea Lion and Malta Invasion games and of course the Greek and Crete campaigns Their sale price , which will set at quite reasonable terms will posted as link later
Regimental CO and Command group

as above

Downed Luftwaffe crew

AT company 

Flak platoon

MC Company

HQ Sturm company/or MC dismounts

HQ full strength

Assault engineers

Ist Battn 

Ist Battn

Ist Battn

Ist Battn 

IInd Battn

IIIrd Battn


  1. and it is supurb in the flesh to boot!


  2. Impressiv work. I like your style very much!